• Crowd wisdom among many topics examined at top AI event

    Posted by George Thomas Jr.

    IJCAI 2015

    Researchers have for years sought to understand the way opinions are formed and disseminated throughout social settings. Is there such a thing as the wisdom of the crowd?

    New research presented at this year’s International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence examines crowd wisdom in the context of social networks -- specifically the ever-important restaurant critiques.

    How Robust is the Wisdom of the Crowds? is just one of the 20 papers Microsoft researchers and their artificial intelligence collaborators from around the world will present at the biannual conference, which begins Saturday in Buenos Aires. As the main international gathering of AI researchers, its proceedings span multiple disciplines, including machine learning, computational sustainability and even the arts.

  • Sora high performance software radio is now open source

    Posted by Jane Ma

    Sora now open source

    Microsoft Research today announced that its high-performance software radio project is now open sourced through GitHub. The goal for Microsoft Research Software Radio (Sora) is to develop the most advanced software radio possible, capable of implementing the latest wireless communication technology easily and efficiently.

    "We believe that a fully open source Sora will better support the research community on more scientific innovation," said Kun Tan, a senior research on the software radio project team.

  • Microsoft researchers have developed a way to make wearables last longer

    Posted by Allison Linn

    Extending battery life of wearables

    Microsoft researchers have come up with a way to make wearable gadgets such as fitness trackers and smart watches go much longer between charges.

    The research project, called WearDrive, is the latest development in the researchers' broad effort to vastly improve the battery life of all our favorite devices. This week, the paper outlining WearDrive was named one of the three best papers at the USENIX Annual Technical Conference in Santa Clara, California.

  • Standing the test of time: Microsoft researcher honored for prescient machine learning work

    Posted by Allison Linn

    Burges honored for prescient machine learning work

    When Chris J.C. Burges came to Microsoft Research in 2000, he knew he wanted to work on machine learning projects that would have a real impact on users.

    Burges definitely succeeded: He ended up being part of a team that created the basis for the ranking system that is still used in Microsoft's Bing search engine today.

    At next week's International Conference on Machine Learning, Burges, a research manager and principal researcher in Microsoft Research's Machine Learning Intelligence Group, and his co-authors will receive the Test of Time Award for the 2005 paper that showed how that system works.

  • Microsoft researcher Don Syme honored with Silver Medal from Royal Academy of Engineering

    Posted by George Thomas Jr.

    RAE Silver Medal for Syme

    Many programmers recognize Don Syme's name, but even more are influenced daily by his research and development. After all, Syme, a principal researcher in Microsoft's Cambridge, U.K., lab, has helped to develop and influence features of popular computer languages used by millions of programmers, C# in particular.

    And soon Syme will get a new form of recognition: This month the Royal Academy of Engineering named Syme one of three winners of the prestigious Silver Medal for 2015.