I've been asked a few times over the last week where the Mid Market assessment tool is. This is a great Microsoft utility that audit an environment and can also generate proposal reports as output from the audit. These can then be changed and edited saving you a lot of time.

 The below is taken from the web site referenced below.

Key Features:
  • Technology assessment
  • Inventory hardware and software
  • Dynamically generate a topology of the organization
  • Generate a proposal for upgrading an environment
  • Generate an implementation plan; Deploy new servers
When to Use:
Use the Assessment and Deployment solution when you have identified the core need is a server deployment. You would want to use this tool after you have performed a business assessment or when the customer has asked you for assistance with a server project. Focused on the small and midsize market space, this tool will help you perform a network inventory, generate a proposal, create a project timeline, and ultimately aid the deployment of new servers. The inventory analysis component is a very strong feature that can be used as a standalone feature.
Consider using the Assessment and Deployment solution for creating demand for your services.  The assessment process can be sold as an offering to help identify project work with a prospect.
While called the Assessment and Deployment Solution for Midsize Business the premise of the tool is to aid in the deployment of new servers. If you are working on a server rollout engagement for the midsize you will want to strongly consider utilizing this powerful tool. If you are performing an independent technology assessment you should consider utilizing the inventory analysis engine. The output is quite rich and provides you with an in-depth topology of what exists for software and hardware at a customer location.
Estimated Time to Complete:
16-80 hours (Time varies based on the specific components used.  The high-end numbers are based on using this tool to perform customer deployments)
Average Tool Rating
This tool has a rating of 4 stars.