Blake Handler

"I’ve been supporting Microsoft products since they introduced MBASIC for S100 computers in the early 1980’s.  I later wrote silly games for our college professor, who sold them at “Rainbow Computing” – one of Los Angeles’ first computer stores. After writing more games for the Atari and Texas Instruments “computers”; my parents were pleased when I got a “real” job co-writing accounting software. However, I was bored.
While writing software for Morrow Designs, I was given the opportunity to design software used by a large audience. I enjoyed getting feedback from our users, and learned how to design software from a broader perspective. George Morrow owned the company, and truly acted as a mentor to me and others. George “pushed” me back towards hardware and the upcoming technology “networking”.
I was using the Internet when it was still called ArpaNet, and worked numerous West Coast Computer Fairs, where many “firsts” were unveiled such as the Macintosh and “portable” (luggable) computers. Just being a “programmer” no longer interested me.
Ten years ago my first daughter was born. To balance my time with my new family, I quit working as an IT Director, and became in independent Microsoft consultant.  Assisting various sized organizations gives me the opportunity to work with a wide variety of Microsoft solutions.
My blogging began a few months ago because I felt I was “annoying” my clients, friends and family with too many emails. I wanted a venue to simply post my emails, and have them read at their leisure. The feedback from people I know has been wonderful. Having the entire world “proof” my articles – priceless!"

Blake Handler -- 310.915.9075
"Your road to know where."