Gartner Analyzes Hyper-V and vSphere

Gartner Analyzes Hyper-V and vSphere

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If you haven’t seen it yet, a Gartner report from last month* is really worth checking out.

Gartner calls out three key areas (Acquisition costs, Ease of management, and Functionality richness), and I recommend reviewing the entire report in detail.

You can read it here, compliments of Microsoft.

In the report, Gartner analyst Thomas Bittman advises clients what to consider when choosing the best offering for server virtualization, and discusses the evolution of this market.

According to Gartner,

The good news is this market, once dominated by a single vendor with the ability to charge anything it wanted, is now competitive. Take advantage of that.

This is a cool development, and worth considering in the context of some of the Hyper-V developments I’ve noted here in the past, like it’s performance with 1st party workloads, the IaaS innovations in the R2 wave, and that world record we set with HP and SAP.


* Gartner, How to Choose Between Hyper-V and vSphere, T. Bittman, 9 October 2013

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  • Did you read this article? Its so slanted towards VMware (mostly due to technical inaccuracies) that I would not recommend this article to any one making these decisions.   Once MS started elevating their game VMware had to rush out improvement’s to stay ahead of MS but in their rush to improve several of their products started showing signs of being rushed.

  • Yep, it says rubbish like Hyper-V Server requires a parent OS...

  • @TDR Did you read the article? It does require a parent OS, so does VMware. VMware's Parent OS is 144 mb compared to MS which is 8-10GB.

  • Hyper-V fanboys say that this article is pro-VMware and VMware fanboys yell at the Hyper-V fanboys for their fanboy-slander. Funny to see this happen not only here but around many other articles. I'm a guy who doesn't care about one or the other. All i got is this --- my employer uses VMware and i got to explain to customers why our price is higher than other IT companies --- partly due to our Enterprise Plus VMware license our price is higher and i'm trying to find out what the upsides are to this more expensive license.

    Thanks for helping me along with my journey towards "justify the price"