VMware Migration… Like You’ve Never Seen

VMware Migration… Like You’ve Never Seen

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I’m not going to try and set this video up – it speaks for itself. 

Suffice it to say that it’s a very interesting (and unexpectedly hilarious) look at what the Building Clouds team has done to make migrating from VMware to Hyper-V (and Azure) very fast and very easy.

You can read more about the Migration Automation Toolkit (MAT) here.

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  • Awesome!

  • please put something together for Xenserver :-)

  • But it is like Magic! Very Nice indeed and definatly an effective way of doing it. Though I have a hard time believing the conversion since I can not convert a vhdx thin to vhdx fixed in hyper v 2012 or 2012 r2 without it failing.

  • This video was hilarious.  Hey, Powershell expert!  What are the extra few lines you would add to shift to Azure?  Also, do you have a blog anywhere guys?

  • But then you are stuck with HyperV and Azure. I'd like more choice

  • Great for that 1.5% pf customers looking to move off VMware to Hyperv who actualy have NetApp. Also, what do they do about replacing all the management tools, people skills, corporate processes? No doubt its cool, but it's also very light on for real world details.

  • This is really useful now when more and more migrate to Hyper-V from Vmware

  • Works exactly the same the other way around if you want your test&dev Hyper-V machines to run on your production VMware environment :D

  • Thanks for the feedback and the questions.  I bet I can get Migration Mark and our PowerShell expert to personally answer some of these questions....

  • @Bill Giles  - Actually our friends at NetApp claim to have 60% penetration in VMware environments, even if they are boasting a little, it’s still a good amount. I’d also be willing to bet you a mango smoothie that more than 1.5% of VMware users are looking to migrate, especially when they get a look at their ELA renewal.

    For real world details, might I suggest you download the MAT and have a look at the install and usage guide, it details the cmdlets and the functions used in considerable detail.

  • @Stephen Owen - The PowerShell is on its way! Look for a blog post series focused on Automating Hybrid Clouds with Windows Azure and PowerShell' over at our blog: http://aka.ms/BuildingClouds

    Direct link to the intro post of this blog series: http://blogs.technet.com/b/privatecloud/archive/2013/11/14/automation-automating-hybrid-clouds-with-windows-azure-and-powershell-part-1-introduction-and-table-of-contents.aspx

  • @Wesley Kirkland - Comparing vhdx thin to fixed conversion and a NetApp conversion is like comparing apples and Applebees (similar sounding but not much else). The technology used to convert or ‘shift’ VMs between formats is provided by NetApp and it takes advantage of their WAFL (Write Anywhere File layout) technology. It doesn’t even use additional space (which is really crazy) and it’s the storage device that performs the conversion (as opposed to a Windows server). So the good news is, this shares nothing in common with the way Windows 2012 converts between thin and fixed formats. Sorry to hear those vhdx conversions aren’t working out for you though, maybe give support a call if they keep giving fits.

  • Hi Mark,

    As the primary inventor of shift, I have to say I love the video.  keep up the good work!


  • thats put me in a VERY FESTIVE mood! well done team - brilliant!

  • thats put me in a VERY FESTIVE mood! well done team - brilliant!