What’s Next for MMS

What’s Next for MMS

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Over the past 11 years, the Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) has grown from a small user group event focused on systems management and managing PCs, to a large and passionate gathering of the world’s best and brightest IT Pros.

Now it’s time to look ahead to the next step for our industry and this community.

Starting this year we are merging MMS with TechEd.

MMS was once a small sub-set of content covered at TechEd, but the role of management in key trends like the Consumerization of IT and the move to the cloud have dramatically expanded what IT Professionals need to know. These expanded (and ever-expanding) needs have broadened the requisite subject matter covered at each MMS and, in fact, it has become so broad that the tracks at MMS are now very similar to what’s covered at TechEd. Our belief is that by combining the events we can substantively improve and expand the attendee experience.

Considering how important MMS has become over the years, it is probably obvious that this decision was not made lightly. The permanent merging of these events is not based on a valuation of one event over the other, and I can confirm that it is not a cost-cutting measure. Rather, this change has been made solely with the best interests of our community in mind.

The objective is simple:  Provide attendees a better opportunity for knowledge gathering and technical growth. By drawing together a larger community to this combined event, every attendee will have a dramatically wider range of experts and luminaries (both from the industry and within Microsoft) to learn from and engage.

TechEd 2014 will be your single best source for the latest news, trends, resources and deep technical education. Also, the System Center team is already preparing to teach the deep 300- and 400-level content you’ve come to expect at MMS. There will also be expanded Early Bird pricing options, dedicated Management Meet & Geek opportunities, dedicated Management Instructor-Led Labs and Hands-on Labs, structured and unstructured networking opportunities tuned to the Management community and broader communities, and other unique MMS experiences.

This is a big transition, and I understand and respect the concerns that accompany this type of strategic move. The content and operational experts behind both events are already working together to ensure that this new event surpasses what you’ve come to expect from TechEd while delivering everything you require from MMS.

It’s true that TechEd is a massive event, and its scale will accommodate the MMS community in addition to adding great content of its own. I can promise you that MMS content, experts, and community will be alive and well in this new format within TechEd (see Venn diagram below).


The next step is to mark your calendars for May 12-15, 2014 for TechEd 2014 in Houston, Texas. Registration opens on November 5, 2013, and if you register by December 31, 2013, you’ll get the aforementioned early bird pricing.

If you haven’t already, take a minute to sign up for the TechEd Insiders newsletter to get the latest TechEd information.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in Houston.

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  • Booooo!  This is a horrible decision.

  • and mother's day is on the 11th.  bad timing

  • It's a big move indeed. TechEd ate MMS.

    Bigger is not always better. So everyone will think twice.

  • as long as that green rectangle contains a "dedicated" Thursday night System Center attendee party in Vegas...

  • So a company who sends different staff to two different events can send all of their staff to a single event and hope no support or technical issues or project deadlines happen during the time they are gone. And hope no catastrophe should happen.

    I think you will end up seeing the same tech ed people come and fewer mms attendees getting the permission to go. However, I suppose you have the attendee names so maybe you are seeing the same attendees at both. If not, maybe that should tell you something. I understand the concept and I hope it gets traction. If not I guess you can just shove all of that in the cloud to and manage it all for us.

  • will MMS Alumni automatically get TechEd Alumni status?

  • What about Teched Europe? Will it be the same there?

  • how is it that MS always succeeds in making the worst decisions possible.....

  • This REALLY sucks! Terrible decision! What a shame!

  • I think it's a poor decision to have a management related conference on patch week considering that a lot of the folks that attend use ConfigMgr to patch. It's really difficult to get full value out of the conference when you have to take a day (or sometimes) 2 to get your patch process started.

    I will also echo the comments from earlier posts, it is extremely difficult to get your entire staff to a conference when there is only one. We split up and part would go to MMS and part would go to Teched. With this consolidation, we'll have to find other training outlets for our staff.

  • Now that I ranted let me state that another poster made the best point.... Organizations can't let the entire staff leave all at once. Historically we've split and let some go to TechEd and others to MMS. Now it will have to be some to TechEd one year and others the next year. Plus the venue in Houston isn't as good. While I personally despise Vegas at least the event venue and the hotel are connected and everything is within walking distance.

  • Yep, as others have said, I've already been told we can't send everyone to TechEd, so half of us get left out this year.  Couldn't be more disappointed, Microsoft.

  • A thoughtless decision, which doesn't care about anybody who cannot go to US but could attend regional MMSs.

  • This is a stupid decision. No way for everyone who needs to go to attend because the whole department cant just pick up and leave for a week, and I frankly dont beleive that we will have the 300-400 level content because all MS employees will be tasked with so many 100-200 level classes trying to brain wash us to think that Intune is a good alternative to on prem managment...

  • Huston!? Who in their right mind thought Huston is a great idea for a conference? Merging MMS and TechEd is a bad decision as is, but putting it in Huston makes it even worse! Huston is on my list of top ten places to visit before I die....SAID NO ONE EVER.