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Can I switch from an Office 365 E3 subscription to E1?

Can I switch from an Office 365 E3 subscription to E1?

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Imagine you have been testing Office 365 for 30 days, using the Free Trial option available for both Small Businesses (Plan P1) and Midsize Business and Enterprise (Plan E3) (get your own trial today, by clicking here), and after doing so you want to buy for example the E1 subscription for your users, the question is: can you switch your existing “users” from an Office E3 subscription to E1, without them losing anything?

The answer is yes Smile 

You can assign new licenses or replace existing licenses for more than one user at a time. On the Users page, select the check box next to the names of the users, click Edit, and then click Next twice until the Assign licenses page appears. Select Replace existing license assignments or Add to existing license assignments, and then select the check box for the licenses that you want to assign. For information about editing multiple users, see Create or edit users.

Question: If I trial Plan E3, can I switch to plans E1, E2, or E4?

Answer: Yes, you can switch between plans. Once you have signed up for a Plan E3 trial, you can make this change in the billing and subscription management of your Office 365 admin overview. Note: only Plan E3 is available for trial.

Now, be careful, take note of the differences between the different subscriptions, since moving between the different subscription plans, might come with losing and gaining features! E3 for examples has an unlimited Online Archive in it, whereas E1 has a limit of 25Gb for the sum of Primary Mailbox and Online Archive!

But You CanNOT migrate between a Plan P Account and a Plan E account

You cannot migrate between a Plan P account and a Plan E account. In order to move between the two plans you would need to cancel your account and then sign up for a different one.

Important Sources when looking/deciding between the different subscription plans in Office 365:


Can I move a user from Plan K1 to Plan E3?

In the following print screens you can see the switch from a Plan K1 license to a Plan E3 subscription in the same tenant for a user called Kiosk 1.

Start = Kiosk1 = Microsoft Office 365 Plan K1


OWA for Kiosk1 looks like:


Time to switch Kiosk1 from Plan K1 to Plan E3:


Be careful: you need to uncheck K1 and then select E3, followed by clicking Save.

When Kiosk1 signs in, the services for Plan E3 are initialized. When changing a user from E3 to E1 the setup of Lync and SharePoint is not needed anymore, since it has already been done Smile


Once the setup is done, Kiosk1 can open his mailbox again:


And OWA gives the same messages:


Office 365 Rocks!


  • Microsoft are small business predators.  I sign up for Office365 Free trial so I can have email.  All I want is E1 plan for email at $4.00 per month.  I use my trial and it is about to expire, I try to select E1, and cannot because Microsoft has it rigged.  Most people will be herded to the Small Business 0365 plan, take 20 hours to setup and evaluate, then when time to purchase you cannot select what you need.  You are forced to 1.) Cancel your account, or 2.) Pay 33% more by having to select the $6.00 per month plan with all that online stuff you don't need and is free with a skydrive account.  It is an underhanded business practice that should be illegal.  At the least it is immoral.  With Microsoft engineers, it would be a simple matter to create a script that users can freely choose without penalty of having to resetup accouts ro pay more.  Microsoft could push a button, or allow a user to push a button and switch to any plan like a real free market.  But no, they have to box you into YOUR wrong selection and make you pay more for the MISTAKE of choosing the wrong "PLATFORM"  this is hogwash and just another excuse for Microsoft to penalize small business and wring more more money out of them by confusing the issue and herding the customers like cows to the slaughterhouse with a 0365 plan.  Now lets say you do pick an E1 plan, and you want to upgrade to 0365 $15 a month plan.  You have to delete everythign, move your domain export/import your email for every single user account, a hundred hours of work, or pay $5.00 a month more for E3 which includes office.

    0365 Small business plan with everything $15.00 per month - E3 Plan $20 per month

    E1 Plan EMail only $4.00 per month  - 0365 Small business plan Email only - $6.00 per month.

    This is crooked predatory business practice and Microsoft should be ashamed, taking advantage of the small business guys and forcing them to pay more, or to pay with sweat labor by not allowing the ability to freely change plans without penalty.  Its a shame, an outright skullduggery.

    Definition of skullduggery (n)

    Bing Dictionary


    [ skul dúggəree ]  

    dishonest practices: unfair and dishonest practices carried out in a secretive way in order to trick other people

  • Is it possible to change the user's license from E3 to E1?
    Does any change will happen on the user's account?

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