Interesting question came up yesterday, being “does Exchange 2010 Sp1 UM provide built-in statistics capabilities?”

And the answer is…..YES Smile, as can be derived from the following technet articles:

View Call Statistics for a UM Server, which includes the following information “You can use the Call Statistics tool, available in Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1), to provide aggregated statistical information about calls that are forwarded to or placed by UM servers. This information is helpful for administrators who are interested in overall statistics for the Exchange 2010 Unified Messaging (UM) servers in their organization. Call statistics reports that you initiate in the EMC are displayed in the Exchange Control Panel (ECP) user interface”


View Call Logs for a UM-Enabled User, which includes the following information: “You can use the User Call Logs tool, available in Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1), to display the call statistics for a UM-enabled user you specify. The report that's generated is displayed in the Exchange Control Panel (ECP). It includes information about calls made by and received by the user, and can help you diagnose and fix issues with a user's voice mail.”

Let’s have a look

The Call Statistics tool

The tool is available in Exchange 2010 Sp1, and can be launched from within the Exchange Management Console, Toolbox


Scroll down to Unified Messaging tools, and there you will find Call Statistics, and User Call Logs.


Right-clicking Call Statistics, and selecting Open, will open your default browser and a link to the Exchange Control Panel, which requires you to login first:


And then the Call Statistics report will pop up:


You can choose for which UM Dial Plan you want to have more information, or any UM IP gateway, and you can select to show a daily report, or a monthly report, or all.


A monthly view shows up like this:


A click on Audio Quality Details, shows the following information:


When you select Copy Report, you copy the content of the given report to your Clipboard:


When you choose to Export Day, you will get a CSV-file for the selected day:


Which looks like this…


User Call Logs

User Call Logs tool, will show you call logs for a selected user for the last 90 days.





You can get for a specific call the Audio Quality Details as well:


How about the Shell?

As can be expected, the call statistics can also be retrieved using the powerful Exchange Management Shell, and using the Exchange cmdlet “Get-UMCallSummaryReport”.


And for the user call logs there is the cmdlet “Get-UMCallDataRecord”


which will give me a list like the one below…