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Shared Mailbox and Archive: Q & A

Shared Mailbox and Archive: Q & A

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Had a chat with Rui Silva on Shared Mailboxes, and an interesting question came up…:-)

Question =

can a user, who has been given Full Mailbox access permissions to a Shared Mailbox, open that Shared Mailbox its Archive in Exchange 2010 RTM?

Answer =

Yes, using Microsoft Office Outlook 2010

Time to Test :-)

I have created a new Shared Mailbox, called Info.


I have given a mailbox-enabled user called User4, Full Mailbox Access to that shared mailbox. And I have enabled an Online Archive for that Shared Mailbox.


Using OWA, user 4 can open the Shared Mailbox


But User 4 does not see the Archive of the Shared Mailbox!


Using Microsoft Office Outlook 2010, User 4 can open the Shared Mailbox Info as an additional mailbox.


And the online Archive is visible…


and Accessible!




  • What if we do NOT want to show the online archive for the shared mailbox, only the normal mailbox?

    If I try to remove permissions using "get-mailbox -archive sharedmailbox | get-mailboxpermissions | remove-mailboxpermissions -user1", it will remove permissions for the whole mailbox, not only the archive...

  • I see from the post that in OWA unable to view open other mail boxes archive. I experience the same issue, currently we have not migrated to new eoa system just enabled the feature for testing. This can be a issue for our company for we have workflows that departments use the archive. These are high volume mailboxes. I have looked on an off for threads regarding OWA and shared mailbox archives and someone asks a question an then it gets turned into something different.  Found this blurb "Once the full mailbox permissions has been granted you should be able to access the other mailbox also view the archive folder in OWA as well as the client." I can see the arcihive in 2007 client and the shared mailbox i have full access rights and it is a fully licensed object e2 license no matter what i do I cannot see the archive in OWA when I open the othe rmailbox.

  • Fortunately I have other resources to get an answers! I try to use technet but am starting to wonder were technet is going with these posts most are redirects or redundant.

  • Also not seeing a screenshot for how you add mailbox the next step is shown with the mailbox name type in but not which menu or option was clicked first. I also suspect that our company structure has this disabled

  • This does not seem to work in Outlook 2013. Is there a difference in how the Outlook versions behave?

  • Can this be done if using Exchange 2013. I can see my folder and my folders' archive, I can see the shared folders but not the shared folders archive in Outlook 2013 (I can see it using the Outlook Web Ap).

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