When talking about Exchange Unified Messaging, and often recurring question is “which languages are supported for which features”.

Time for an overview.

Link to bookmark 1 = Understanding Unified Messaging Languages

In this TechNet article the following information can be seen:

There are several key components that rely on UM language packs to enable users and callers to interact effectively with Exchange 2010 Unified Messaging in multiple languages. Each UM language pack includes a Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine, the pre-recorded prompts and support for Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Voice Mail Preview for a specific language. This topic discusses UM language packs, the UM components that use the UM language packs, and how UM language packs, after they're installed, can be used to configure UM dial plans and UM auto attendants to use other languages.

Meaning, the following features are available in every UM language pack:

  • Text-to-Speech translation so that content (e-mail, calendar, contact information, etc.) can be read to callers in the language of the UM language pack.
  • The pre-recorded prompts, for example "After the tone, please record your message. When you’ve finished recording, hang up, or press the # key for more options." in the language of the UM language pack.
  • Support for Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) which allows callers to interact with UM using the voice user interface (VUI) in the language of the UM language pack
  • Grammar files that are used by a UM server to lookup the names of given users in the directory in the language of the UM language pack

And Voice Mail Preview is only available for a few languages, being:

  • English (US) - (en-US)
  • French (France) - (fr-FR)
  • Italian - (it-IT)

    Link to bookmark 2 = Downloading the Language Packs

    A few remarks first:

    • The UM language packs for Exchange Server 2007 or Exchange 2007 SP1 can't be used on an Exchange 2010 Unified Messaging server. The UM language packs for Exchange 2010 can only be installed on a UM server running Exchange 2010;
    • You cannot uninstall the by-default installed en-US UM Language Pack.

    The following language packs are available for download:


    UMLanguagePack.de-DE.exe 127.8 MB
    UMLanguagePack.en-AU.exe 98.9 MB
    UMLanguagePack.en-GB.exe 98.1 MB
    UMLanguagePack.en-US.exe 213.4 MB
    UMLanguagePack.es-ES.exe 111.2 MB
    UMLanguagePack.es-MX.exe 125.1 MB
    UMLanguagePack.fr-CA.exe 111.3 MB
    UMLanguagePack.fr-FR.exe 176.9 MB
    UMLanguagePack.it-IT.exe 176.2 MB
    UMLanguagePack.ja-JP.exe 104.3 MB
    UMLanguagePack.ko-KR.exe 105.6 MB
    UMLanguagePack.nl-NL.exe 105.7 MB
    UMLanguagePack.pt-BR.exe 116.2 MB
    UMLanguagePack.sv-SE.exe 88.5 MB
    UMLanguagePack.zh-CN.exe 113.3 MB
    UMLanguagePack.zh-TW.exe 116.2 MB


    Link to bookmark 3 = Quick Start Guide for Outlook Voice Access 2010

    You can download for every UM language pack a nice pdf, which shows the navigational tree and the options that are available to UM-enabled users when they are using Outlook Voice Access. Definitely two pages to print + laminate and hand-out to all UM-enabled users :-)

    OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_de-DE.pdf 334 KB
    OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_en-AU.pdf 332 KB
    OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_en-GB.pdf 338 KB
    OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_en-US.pdf 230 KB
    OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_es-ES.pdf 342 KB
    OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_es-MX.pdf 334 KB
    OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_fr-CA.pdf 338 KB
    OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_fr-FR.pdf 340 KB
    OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_it-IT.pdf 334 KB
    OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_ja-JP.pdf 425 KB
    OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_ko-KR.pdf 485 KB
    OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_nl-NL.pdf 302 KB
    OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_pt-BR.pdf 339 KB
    OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_sv-SE.pdf 331 KB
    OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_zh-CN.pdf 544 KB
    OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_zh-TW.pdf 562 KB


    Below a print-screen from the nl-NL Quick Start Guide:

    Touchtone User Interface



    Voice User Interface


    How to install a UM Language Pack?

    To install a UM Language Pack, you’ve got the following options:

    • using the Setup.com command

    setup.com /AddUmLanguagePack:<language> /s:<path to lang.pack>


    • double-click the <UMLanguagePack>.exe installation program






    Uninstalling any UM language pack (except the en-US one, which can only be uninstalled by uninstalling the UM server role), can only be done by using the Setup.com command.

    After installing UM-language pack, you will be able to configure your UM dial plans to use on of them as the default language.