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A query walked into a bar ...saw 2 tables and asked .. "Can I join you?"

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    The road to Redmond... When I was 16, like many other kids I studying and getting A+ grades wasn't really my first priority, but 'things' rather came naturally for me, and with very little effort studying I got some descent grades. German and math however, was something that I didn't...
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    Today at SQLPASS - Ted Kummert made some great announcements, bringing great momentum in the information platform industry. Microsoft SQL Server "Denali" Microsoft is announcing plans for the next release of SQL Server, SQL Server Code-Named "Denali" and the availability of the first community...
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    With great announcements on what to come next the SQL PASS keynote will be interesting to follow. If you are not attending you can follow the keynote live right here - http://www.sqlpass.org/summit/na2010/LiveKeynotes/Tuesday.aspx .
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    Join us for a rock solid pre-conference at TechED! At Microsoft Teched ( www.msteched.com ), I will copresent with @SQLRockstar Thomas LaRock and @scarydba Grant Fritchey. Our pre-conference will focus around how you as a SQL Server DBA can embrace new technologies that will make your job not...
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    Today I am happy to share with you that we released our updated hands-on-labs to our public portal. On www.microsoft.com/sqlserverlabs you'll find a set of pre-configured hands-on-labs that will allow you to get your hands dirty on the latest and greatest technology and features in SQL Server 2012...
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    Value of Certification The payout on certification in the IT Industry has been a key value to my professional career for many years. As I became certified on Windows NT and SQL Server 7.0 in 1999, qualified as Microsoft Certified Trainer and started teaching Microsoft Official Curriculum Courseware...
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    In the following video, my dear colleague Ken Rose talks about the MCITP certification http://www.microsoft.com/events/series/itmanagerconnections.aspx?tab=Videos&seriesid=30&webcastid=14635