Welcome to IIS Hints & Tips!

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Welcome!  IIS Hints and Tips is a new feature from the Microsoft IIS team that highlights technical info that's useful to IIS system administrators and users, current issues that we've recently dealt with, and ideas from the IIS user community.  We created this blog for two reasons: 1) to give greater visibility to the technical information and solutions that are available on the many IIS-focused web sites and discussed in newsgroups and forums, and 2) to help fill the void by answering difficult questions or showing examples of unique IIS problems we've helped solve.

If you'd like to contribute your own tips, send them to  We'll review and post the best ones.

- the Microsoft IIS team

  • cool !!
    I have a few IIS posts at

  • Those look great - I'll try to include some in a future post.

  • oh ! finally :)

  • I did a google search recently and there are lots of sites advertising 'IIS Hints & Tips'. Plus there are many great IIS sites out there that we want to shine the big spotlight on or discover. So we're not the first on the block but hopefully can give something back to the rest of the community.

    This is also a great way to keep the main feature on <a href=""></a> fresh.

    BTW, ChrisAd is going to help with these and I look forward to hearing from MVPs, too!


  • Since this is a team blog, it would be nice to have different post category from the team. E.g. http.sys, ftp, compression, migration and etc. Also we can have a place for IIS users to feedback about their problem with IIS 6, what the new features or function they like to see in v7, improvement, rfc standards recommendation... and more...