June, 2012

  • Microsoft Surface Keynote now available on Demand


    If you were not hooked up to your twitter timeline or Live blogging sites about Microsoft Media Conference at Los Angeles yesterday, You can watch the Keynote session on demand  where Microsoft announced Microsoft Surface Tablet devices for Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro.

    for more information, please visit http://www.Surface.com and check out the video.

    Exciting times ahead..!!

  • Hyper V in Windows Server 2012 at TechEd 2012

    At TechEd North America, which is happing right now in Orlando, Microsoft has demoed some great features of Hyper V in Windows Server 2012.

    There are a few demos you’ve got to see:

    • 64 virtual processors in a VM
    • 985,000 IOPs from a single Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V VM
      o    4k Random IO; Queue Depth 32, 40 concurrent threads
      o    VMware tops out at 300,000 per VM; VMware needs 6 VMs to achieve this;
      o    Read this bullet again
    • Offloaded Data Transfer ODX (file copies of 1 GigaBYTE) per second. Yes folks, copy a 10 GB file in 10 seconds.
      o    Works with SANs and the new Windows Server 2012 File Server
    • Cisco Nexus 1000v for Hyper-V
    • PowerShell as the engine for Run Book Automation with Hyper-V Replica
    • Extending on premise private cloud to service provider

    If you don’t believe these numbers, please go ahead and watch the Day 1 Keynote on Demand