May, 2011

  • My HTC Mozart is craving for some Mango..


    My HTC Mozart is craving for some Mango..

    Coming this Holiday season.




    Phone Glyphs - Windows Phone 7 Series

  • Configuring DirectAccess™ using Forefront UAG 2010 SP1

    I am really a great fan of DirectAccess and use it all the time to connect back to my corporate network when I am at home, traveling and sometimes even when I am on vacation Smile.

    I know being a Infrastructure consultant, I do not cover much on core Windows Server technologies like BranchCache and DirectAccess which are equally interesting as Virtualization. Thankfully I have some great colleagues who are passionate about these core technologies and working really hard to help customers and partners to realize the value of some of these new features which we added in Windows Server 2008 R2 and also enabling them to deploy and configure them effectively.


    Manoj Ravikumar Nair has posted a great screencast on Configuring DirectAccess using Forefront UAG 2010 SP1 and I couldn’t resist to share it with you all.

    In this video, you would learn the following:

    • System Requirements for Forefront UAG
    • Installing Forefront UAG on Windows Server 2008 R2
    • Performing the intial configuration of Forefront UAG 2010 SP1
    • Prepping up your environment for DirectAccess Deployment
    • Configuring DirectAccess using Forefront DirectAccess Configuration Wizard


    I personally feel this is a great way of learning for someone who is deploying and supporting DirectAccess.

    Manoj is also a fellow blogger, you can also check his Blog at for more information on Windows server Technologies, Virtualization and PowerShell.

    And if you have any questions, want to give him feedback or suggestions about the topics you want him to do more screencasts on, contact him using this link



  • Datacenter Automation using System Center : Part 2 : Register NOW


    Microsoft Partners, if you have joined our web seminar today for Datacenter Automation using System Center : Part 1, you must have seen some cool demos how you can do an automated provisioning of Virtual Machines by triggering a workflow from System Center Service Manager and using Opalis to initiate a VM creation using VMM 2008 R2.

    Part 2 of the series will be webcast live on 27th May 2010, I would strongly recommend you to join the session

    Join the PTS team in part two of "Datacenter Automation Using System Center." This session will help IT professionals optimize their technology, investments, and staff and also help them simplify data center management. Customer pain points and automation scenarios will be discussed.

    IT is always under constant pressure to contain and in many cases reduce costs. Much of the work performed today in Datacenter is manual involving multiple teams. In addition to the time, risk and latency the manual approach introduces, another huge concern for IT is the inability to scale. This session will help the IT professionals a path to optimize their technology investments, staff and simplify the datacenter management


    In this session, you’ll see a automatic consolidation of your physical server into Virtual Machines done by VMM 2008 R2 by triggering a workflow from Service Manager and few other cool demos

    If you are a Microsoft Partner, you are entitled to free competitive presales assistance and advisory services each year. Partners have access to 10, 20, or 50 hours of advisory assistance based on their partner level or competencies. Its time to leverage your Partner Advisory Hours to accelerate your business cycle and win at marketplace.

    We have limited seating so please register now!!!


    Contact me if you have any difficulty in registration.



  • Hello World:

    Finally I bought my own domain name which was pending for quite some time now. I was surprised to see even though my name is quite a common name, nobody has acquired it yet and I didn’t want to leave this opportunity to let it go to anybody else.

    So I am glad to announce that from today I am a proud owner of

    Not a bad deal for $12/year and I didn’t even had to compromise on my domain name like accepting or or, you get the point. Smile

    I do not have my own homepage as of now so for now this will redirect you all to my blog.

    but do expect some new content to go to my site.

    Stay tuned.. Smile