January, 2011

  • PTS Blog: Private Cloud– Part 2


    Part 2 of the series on Private cloud posted on GPS Blog

    In my last blog post, I talked about the how Virtualization plays a vital role in setting up a Cloud infrastructure and enables the kind flexibility, elasticity, and automation which cloud services requires.

    I also mentioned about Microsoft Hyper V Cloud offerings which we introduced in Berlin at TechEd Europe 2010.

    With Microsoft, partners can participate in the full range of cloud offerings across the public and private spectrum to create new business models and generate new revenue streams. Partners will be able to expand their role as trusted advisors through broader customer engagements. They’ll also be able to deliver increasing business value to customers by offering dramatic improvements in business agility, operational efficiency, and IT maturity—with significant cost savings. And they’ll be able to win more business by closing larger deals and expanding into new markets.

    Let’s look into these offerings in details and see what kind of role you as a Microsoft Partner can play and what kind of opportunities exists for you.


  • PTS Blog: Private Cloud–Part 1


    Here is the my blog post which i wrote for PTS blog

    Hello Everyone and welcome to the PTS Blog. My name is Iftekhar Hussain, and I am a Partner Technical Consultant here in the Microsoft Partner Technical Services team specializing in Virtualization technologies. Today I would like to talk about how Microsoft Virtualization can fuel private cloud within an organization and how Microsoft partners can tap this opportunity to help customers build their own private clouds.

    'Cloud', aren’t we hearing this word a lot these days? In almost every technical conversation, journals and magazines, conferences, everybody is talking about Cloud. Though there are large number of companies, groups, and individuals talking about Cloud, everybody has their own understanding and interpretation of Cloud.

    So What Is Cloud Computing??

    A very simple way to explain is that the cloud is a service with a certain set of tools and resources on the internet or in-house where you can perform all your computing tasks, save your data, generate and analyze reports, connect with people, or even have fun like playing games or watching TV or movies from any device like PC, TV, phone from any place.


  • Introducing Official PTS Blog


    As most of you know I work for Microsoft Global Partner Services focusing on Microsoft partners helping then design and develop Microsoft Virtualization Solutions for our customers. I am glad to inform that now we have launched our official team blog last week to communicate with our partners in a whole new way.

    Most of my team members ( Including me) around the world who are specialized in their own subject matter of technology will put together some really interesting series of blog posts in coming days. Technical topics related to Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, Windows Server, Virtualization, SQL, System Center etc will be covered, In addition to this we will also post our schedules of upcoming PTS webcasts, GPS offerings like Practice Accelerator etc and other future announcements.

    Access the new blog here : http://blogs.technet.com/ptsblog

    And please feel free to post your replies, comments, feedback and suggestions about kind of topics you would like to see on the blog.

    Stay tuned for some really interesting posts.