March, 2009

  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager and VMware Management


    I have come across a great blog post by Rakesh from Microsoft SCVMM Group thrashing VMware claims that Microsoft System Center Provides Incomplete VMware Infrastructure Support.

    Some of the points discussed on his post.

    1. Why Does SCVMM remove templates from my ESX server when I import them?
    2. When I create a VM with SCVMM 2008, how come the default settings through the wizard don’t work with ESX or Virtual Server?
    3. Does SCVMM 2008 give me visibility into resource pools?
    4. Does SCVMM prevent migrations that Virtual Center would allow?
    5. Can I reuse port groups that I created in ESX?
    6. It looks like Virtual Center gives me more monitoring information than System Center, is that true?

    I think this is a great post and make things pretty clear for the customers to understand the capabilities Microsoft provides and the value they get when they invest in Microsoft. This is the time to get multifold returns on each dollar you spend. As a customer its your right and you deserve it.

    Please read the full post on his blog here.

    As always do share your views and comments..

  • Here it Comes: Internet Explorer 8 Live NOW


    IE 8 now ready to take your Internet browsing to a new level.

    Much awaited Microsoft Internet Explorer is now released and available for download.

    I have been using the IE8 RC1 for sometime now and now cant wait to have my hands on IE8 final release.

    Top Eight reasons to have Internet Explorer 8:

    1. You want a web that moves as fast as you do: Highlight an address, click the blue "Accelerator" button (clip_image001), and see all the things you can do instantly – like mapping, searching, and translating. Check out Accelerators from Digg, Facebook, eBay, and others.
    2. You want to know if it's raining outside: Visit, search for “Seattle Weather” (or any major city), hover over the search result, and click the green "Web Slice" button (clip_image002) to add a weather Web Slice to your Favorites Bar. As of this morning there are over 1,200 Web Slices, Accelerators, and add-ons available worldwide in the IE8 add-on gallery.
    3. You like everyone to get along:  And that includes wanting the web sites you visit to work well with your browser. IE8 is the only browser to include multiple rendering engines to address backwards compatibility— hit a site that doesn't seem right, hit the Compatibility View button, and you're on your way.
    4. You're a visual learner: See pictures of what you’re looking for as you type in the Instant Search box – rich search results in action!
    5. You want to find it again, fast: To quickly find sites you’ve visited before, simply use the new Smart Address Bar which searches your history, favorites, and feeds.
    6. You like your privacy: Enjoy more control over your personal information and privacy on the Web with InPrivate.
    7. You want an edge against the bad guys (aka security): Internet Explorer 8 offers unparalleled protection against malware – it's 10 times safer than Internet Explorer 7, 4 times safer than Chrome, 2.8 times safer than Safari, and 2.3 times safer than Firefox.
    8. You hate interruptions: If one tab crashes, you can re-launch it without affecting your browsing experience – your other tabs keep right on working.

    Check some of the great Videos here

    Windows 7 Beta users: A windows update with specially updated version of Internet explorer is on its way.

    Download IE8 NOW

    Let me know how you like it..

  • SC Virtual Machine Manager R2 BETA released


    Here you go.. Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager R2 BETA is out now.

    VMM 2008 R2 Beta is a comprehensive management solution for virtualized infrastructure that takes advantage of many of the great new features of Windows Server 2008 R2 Beta.

    Key new features in R2

    · Live Migration support

    • Windows 2008 R2 supports Live migration, and now so does SCVMM 2008 R2.

    · Clustered Shared Volumes (CSV) support

    • Ability to place multiple VMs on a single LUN is a key customer request that is enabled by CSV.

    · SAN enhancements: 

    • SAN migration in and out of clusters
    • Multiple LUNs per single iSCSI target which provides support for iSCSI products from Network Appliance and EMC.

    · Networking enhancements: 

    • Support for VMQ & Chimney
    • Support for MAC spoofing
    • Support for reusable port groups in VMWare VirtualCenter.

    · Maintenance mode support

    • Maintenance mode is supported across all platforms: Hyper-V, VS and VMWare ESX hosts
    • Putting a host in maintenance mode, triggers evacuation of all VMs on the host via live migration on Windows 2008 R2 and VMWare.
    • PRO migrations to the host are disabled.

    · Disjoint domains support

    · BITS compact server support

    Download either the Full Software install or the pre-configured VHD from

    To get assistance with the beta please participate in the public forums for SCVMM. These forums are linked here:

    To provide feedback on the beta, use the "Feedback" link on the Connect site to log your feedback.

  • Windows 7 Beta: You Said it.. We heard it.

    Windows 7.  One better than Windows 6.



    Yeah.. i know its been a long time i blogged.. I am not keeping well these days.. with a really busy schedule.. Actually not keeping pace with the changes in life and weather in Bangalore. smile_sick

    So thats me..So how’ve u been??smile_regular

    Today i am posting a really exciting news..

    Microsoft’s Windows 7 Team is working hard to review and correcting and implementing those feedback which you have sent for Windows 7 Beta.

    Here is a Post from Microsoft Windows 7 Engineering Team which has mentioned some changes to Windows 7 which will show up in RC1 ( Release Candidate 1).

    To name a Few changes:

    Desktop Experience

    1. Windows Flip (ALT + TAB) with Aero Peek.
    2. Windows Logo + <#> keyboard shortcut
    3. Needy State
    4. Taskbar “Open With”
    5. Taskbar scaling
    6. Anchoring taskbar thumbnails
    7. Newly installed programs
    8. Jump List length
    9. Increased pinning flexibility with Jump List
    10. Desktop icon and gadget view options

    Color Hot-track stays active when the mouse hovers over taskbar thumbnails


    1. Aero Peek for touch
    2. Multi-touch touch keyboard
    3. Multi-touch right-click
    4. Drag/Drop and selection


    1. Internet access feedback

    Control Panel

    1. User Account Control
    2. Locking a machine without a screensaver
    3. Faster access to High Performance power plan
    4. Custom theme improvements

    Windows Media Player

    1. Improved Internet Radio playback
    2. Improved playback support for video content from digital camcorders and cameras
    3. Cleaner Now Playing view
    4. Filtering content that cannot be played
    5. Resume from sleep
    6. Quieting Windows Media Player sync relationships
    7. Easier access to advanced settings
    8. Jump List improvement

    Device Stage

    1. Enriching the Device Stage ecosystem

    Device Stage

    1. Improving the headphone experience

    Windows Explorer and Libraries

    1. Improved header
    2. Reduced confusion with drag/drop
    3. Reviving familiar entry points
    4. FAT32 support
    5. Arrangement view enhancements


    1. Improving performance through data

    Wooh!!! thats lots of changes to BETA 1..   Yeah.. thats right and i am sure the RC1 will bring more enhancements than what is listed here..

    I am currently evaluating Windows 7 Build 7057 released for Microsoft Internal Employees and trust me its getting better day by day.. and we are on our way to have THE Best Windows EVER.

    Stay Tuned..

  • Microsoft Virtualization: How far will you take Virtual?


    Microsoft has launched a new campaign on Microsoft Virtualization.

    Checkout the cool site based on Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 technology.

    Learn about Microsoft Virtualization product portfolio from Desktop to Datacenter, checkout some cool videos and study some great case studies.

    This is a great video which is posted on the site.

    Visit now


    As always, please send your feedback/comments.