Microsoft announced the General Availability, here 

Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2 SP1 and later is supported on Azure IAAS VMs.


Important information to consider :

  • SQL Azure won’t work as a database backend for FIM and a remote SQL VM has not been, and will not be, tested – you need to use an on-box SQL instance.
  • Not all workloads make sense running in IAAS.  Smaller workloads, probably FIM SYNC only, and DIRSYNC or multi-forest DIRSYNC using FIM and the Azure Active Directory (AAD) connector are probably going to make up the bulk of users.
  • You really need to consider having a DC running in IaaS too.  This will probably be recommended by Microsoft in the future.
  • You really need to look at the cost benefit of hosting FIM in the cloud. There’s a bunch of costs that need to be considered – the cost of the VM, the processor usage, the storage, the network traffic and the VPN tunnel.
  • Lastly, support is via CSS FIM resources and not Azure support.

List of officially supported Software for Windows Azure VMs, here