Emphasis on cloud computing, eGovernment, citizen and national e-identities, open identity initatives, law, policy, standards-based identity infrastructures, and secure information sharing and collaboration.

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  • Blog Post: A Microsoft Perspective on Privacy in the Cloud Computing Era (2009)

    Cloud computing raises a number of important policy questions concerning how people, organisations, and governments handle information and interactions in this environment. However, with regard to most data privacy questions as well as the perspective of typical users, cloud computing reflects the evolution...
  • Blog Post: A Privacy-compliant Identity Metasystem (2006)

    Just as individual identity is fundamental to our face-to-face interactions, digital identity is fundamental to our interactions in the online world. Unfortunately, many of the challenges associated with the Internet stem from the lack of widely deployed, easily understood, and secure identity solutions...
  • Blog Post: Establishing End to End Trust (2008)

    Creating a safer, more trusted Internet - It is not an overstatement to say that the Internet has transformed the way we live. Social networking represents the new town square; blogging has turned citizens into journalists, and e-commerce sites have spurred global competition in the marketplace. But...