The Internet Identity Workshop focuses on “user-centric identity” and trying to solve the technical challenge of how people can manage their identity across the range of websites, services, companies and organizations that they belong to, purchase from and participate with. Participants work on trying to address social and legal issues that arise with new tools and technologies.  This year's conference will  also focus some attention on business models that can make this ecosystem of cloud and Web services thrive.  There will be several Microsoft participants at the workshop and registration is still open at: 

The emerging themes for IIW #11 include:

  • Personal Data Ecosystem & Privacy
  • Federated Social Web
  • User-Centric Identity applied (OpenID, OAuth, XRD, SAML, Information Cards)
  • Vendor Relationship Management
  •  Active Clients (add-ins in Web browsers and other client side software)
  • Identity in the Cloud