On September 30, 2010 Microsoft received an award at the annual International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Privacy Innovation Awards ceremony in Baltimore, MD.  The award acknowledges Microsoft’s release of U-Prove, a privacy-enhancing security technology, which helps address people's need to protect their identity-related information. U-Prove makes it possible for people to disclose minimal amounts of identifying information when accessing Web applications and services.


A key part of the release was the publication of the U-Prove specification under the Microsoft Open Specification Promise (OSP). Additionally, two software toolkits —C# and Java editions—were made available under an open source license to enable broad access to the technology by both commercial and open source software developers.


Earlier this year, on May 5, 2010, Microsoft received additional industry recognition for U-Prove.  Microsoft won the in European Identity Award in the "Best Innovation" category from German-based analyst firm, Kuppinger Cole & Partners.


As we look ahead into October, the ISSE 2010 conference is being hosted in collaboration with the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, ENISA, TeleTrusT, and will join forces with GI-SICHERHEIT, the biannual congress on safety and security of the German Informatics (GI) Society.  Microsoft’s VP of Trustworthy Computing, Scott Charney, will unveil a new proof of concept featuring the U-Prove technology as part of his keynote speech.