Microsoft will keynote on the topic: How will the cloud impact Digital Identity? at the European e-Identity Management Conference in London, UK on June 9-10.  “Cloud computing will accelerate the move away from ad-hoc identity solutions toward an Identity Metasystem based on a converging suite of standards such as SAML, WS*, OAuth, OpenID,” said Kim Cameron, Distinguish Engineer and Chief Identity Architect at Microsoft“In my presentation, we will look at the reasons and issues, and examine the implications for citizens, governments and enterprises,” he added.

The European e-Identity Management Conference is Europe’s leading forum for this critical security application - tackling the key issues surrounding e-identity as a core enabler of today's personal, business and government processes.  For 2010, eema and OASIS will host a uniquely interactive two-day event in London on the 9-10 June 2010 and will comprise thought-provoking keynotes, panel discussions, round table sessions and focused workshops on the key challenges and strategies for effectively managing Government, employee, citizen and private identities.