Please join us on June 21-25, as Kim Cameron, Microsoft Chief Identity Architect presents a session on Microsoft and the future of Identity

  • Modern business has broken through the brick walls of the building; modern IT has not kept up.  If IT is going to continue to support the business, it is going to have to escape the tyranny of the domain.  Federation technology is evolving to do just this.  Business started by federating authentication; and this worked as long as partnerships reached only into the margins of the enterprise.  Partnerships (including partnerships with customers) are growing deeper and deeper.  This drives requirements to federate authorization, directories, and applications.  In this talk, Kim will share what Microsoft thinks the future of federated business looks like, and how Microsoft's infrastructure technology is evolving to support that new business.

Also, check out Anthony Nadalin, Principal Architect and industry experts on a panel on the topic of Identity and Assurance Frameworks

  • This session will include a panel of experts representing the Kantara Identity Assurance Framework, Open Identity Exchange, and tScheme. To learn more about the Open Identity Trust Framework (OITF) Model download a copy of the white paper (XPS | PDF), which offers ways to help secure identity information as it travels across the Internet. 

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