Creating a safer, more trusted Internet - It is not an overstatement to say that the Internet has transformed the way we live. Social networking represents the new town square; blogging has turned citizens into journalists, and e-commerce sites have spurred global competition in the marketplace. But along with the Internet’s phenomenal growth has been a growth in computer-related crimes.

Governments have expressed increasing concern about public safety and national security, including information warfare. Indeed, if we want online activity to provide all its potential benefits, security on the Internet cannot remain at current levels.

At the same time, there is increasing concern about privacy in the digital age. Some of this concern is a function of the criminal landscape since some crimes target personally identifiable information for theft and misuse. But privacy concerns are far broader than just public safety concerns; there are additional non-crime-related concerns about the amount of data we generate in our electronic lives and how that data can be collected, aggregated, analyzed, disseminated, and used.