Today, we took a first step to make the Microsoft U-Prove technology available!


First, core portions of the U-Prove intellectual property via a cryptographic specification (under the Microsoft Open Specification Promise) are available to any interested parties.  Two open source software toolkits were donated-- C# and Java editions-- so the broadest audience of commercial and open source software developers can access the technology.


Second, we released a public Community Technology Preview (CTP), which integrates the U-Prove technology with the Microsoft identity platform technologies (Active Directory Federation Services 2.0, Windows Identity Foundation, and Windows CardSpace v2). A second specification (under the OSP) is available for integrating U-Prove into open source identity selectors. 


Microsoft acquired the U-Prove technology in 2008 and is investing in the area of privacy-enhancing security technologies to help address peoples’ need to protect their identity-related information.  One specific area is minimal disclosure-- a technique to enable individuals to reveal the minimal amount of identity information to access applications and services. It can also eliminate unnecessary linking and unwanted tracing capabilities by service providers. 


Watch a video (4 minutes) we made with partners from the Fraunhofer FOKUS Institute. It illustrates how we interoperate with the German eID system (scheduled to begin rolling out in November 2010), and how U-Prove enables people with the ability to minimally disclose identity-related information.


Get the U-Prove CTP


Watch an episode (20 minutes) of the IdElement, with Dr. Stefan Brands, Principal Architect, as he shares the details of the highly anticipated U-Prove release.  He also describes some edgy identity and security scenarios that the cryptographic protocols can enable with Windows CardSpace, Windows Identity Foundation, and Active Directory Federation Services.


Get the open source, U-Prove C# edition SDK

Get the open source, U-Prove Java edition SDK

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