The IDA Guys

The IDA Guys are made up of Identity Management experts from the Microsoft Technical Field. This blog will bring to you "on-the-street news", experiences and ideas about the Identity Management products from Microsoft that we live and breathe eve

October, 2009

  • FIM 2010 RC1 Resource Management Client Sample Announcement

    The FIM 2010 RC1 client is unsupported sample source code and documentation that shows how you could build a client to communicate with the FIM Web Service. This sample client was inspired by Joe Schulman’s public client last year and the documentation...
  • Forefront Identity Manager 2010 RC1 released

    The long awaited RC1 release of Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager is finally here. Yes, we've been waiting a long time but good things take time and when it comes to FIM 2010 there are a lot of good things. FIM 2010, aka "ILM2", is the next iteration...