The following innovations in “how to” troubleshoot content for DirectAccess in Windows Server 2008 R2 have been published:


·        General Methodology for Troubleshooting DirectAccess Connections  This topic takes you step-by-step through the requirements for DirectAccess connections, from the general (operating system requirements) to the specific (such as network reachability and security negotiation), and links the reader to detailed troubleshooting topics as needed. This topic is frequently referred to in the forums and by CSS support engineers as the starting point for troubleshooting DirectAccess connections.


·        How-to troubleshoot topics  When there is no corresponding system event in the event logs, these topics provide you with detailed steps to verify the configuration and functionality of a component or technology (from both the client and server side), and then guide you to the determination of the root cause.


·        Test Lab Guide: Troubleshoot DirectAccess  This guide is a companion to the Test Lab Guide: Demonstrate DirectAccess and describes DirectAccess troubleshooting tools, the results of the tools in the working DirectAccess test lab, and a series of troubleshooting scenarios. In each troubleshooting scenario, you break the DirectAccess configuration in a specific way, then use the steps in the DirectAccess Troubleshooting Guide to determine the root cause. The troubleshooting scenarios reflect common misconfigurations and support issues and allow you to learn DirectAccess troubleshooting tools and methods in the controlled environment of the DirectAccess test lab.


What do you think?  Do these new types of troubleshooting content meet your needs for general, back-to-basics troubleshooting and for learning troubleshooting skills for a new technology of product? Can you suggest improvements or additional types of troubleshooting content that would make your job easier?


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Joe Davies

Principal Writer

Windows Server Documentation Team