If your PowerPoint slides are packed with engaging ideas that no one reads because your audience gets lost in the sea of gray letters, there's a quick solution: Make them pop using SmartArt in PowerPoint 2007 and 2010.

First, select your bulleted text:

Text slide

Now click the Convert to SmartArt button on the Home tab and pick a layout (you can select without clicking to see a preview until you find one that works with your concepts):

Convert to SmartArt

Now marvel at the transformation:

SmartArt slide

If you need to fine-tune the layout or colors, select your new SmartArt graphic and click the Design tab that appears under SmartArt Tools:

Smart Art Tools, Design and Layout

If you ever want to convert a SmartArt graphic back to its original form, go to this SmartArt Design tab and select Convert and then Convert to Text:

Convert to Text