When you use Hybrid Setup Wizard to configure federation in an Exchange Server 2010 SP2-based hybrid environment, the wizard could not complete and you receive the following error message:





Unable to reserve domain "FYDIBOHF25SPDLT.exchangedelegation.<your domain>" for Application Identifier "<XXXX>".  Detailed information: " Windows Live returned a domain reservation error.  Detailed information: "DomainUnavailable: The specified domain is not available.".


Exchange Management Shell command attempted:

Set-FederatedOrganizationIdentifier -DelegationFederationTrust 'Microsoft Federation Gateway' -AccountNamespace 'exchangedelegation.<your domain>' -OrganizationContact '' -Enabled $true


Therefore, on-premises users cannot view free/busy information of cloud users, and vice versa.



The issue occurs because the exchangedelegation domain is incorrectly added when creating federation trust in Exchange Server 2010 SP2-based hybrid environment. The incorrect Federation Trust and Organization Relationship prevent free/busy information from sharing.




To resolve the issue, manually correct the Federation Trust and Organization Relationship settings by running the following cmdlet to add the Primary SMTP Domain:


Set-FederatedOrganizationIdentifier -DelegationFederationTrust 'Microsoft Federation Gateway' -AccountNamespace '<your domain>' -Enabled $true



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