When an Office 365 Exchange Online user attempts to run Send/Receive command by using Outlook 2007 in cache mode, he receives the following error in the Send/Receive dialog:


Task 'Microsoft Exchange Server' reported error (0x8004010F): 'The operation failed. An object could not be found.'



The error occurs when Outlook 2007 client fails to download the offline address book (OAB). This issue may occur when Outlook 2007 is started on a client that is not a member of a domain. The service connection point is not available to deliver the offline address book, and Outlook tries to locate the Autodiscover service by using Domain Name System (DNS). For Outlook to locate the Autodiscover service by using DNS, there must be a host record in DNS for the Autodiscover service that maps the entry point, or public IP address, to the Client Access server where the Autodiscover service is hosted.



To fix the issue, follow the steps:

  1.  Check if there is any record for Autodiscover service in the internal DNS provider. If not, add the record. Then, run Test-OutlookWebServices cmdlet to test and verify Autodiscover service.
  2.  Remove current OAB and download new OAB. For detailed steps, see the following:

A.  Remove current Offline Address Book.

    1.  Open Outlook.
    2. Go to Tools – Account Settings.
    3. A new window will appear. Select Data Files to find the files location.
    4. Navigate to that location and find five or six files as table below.











This file is not present in a no-details offline address book.







e.      Copy these files to other place for backup and remove these files.

B.      Download new Offline Address Book.

    a.       Open Outlook.

    b.      Go to Tools - Send/Receive - Download Address Book.

    c.       A new window will appear. Select Download Offline Address Book List under the heading, Choose Address Book and then click on OK.

    d.      An Outlook send/receive Progress dialog box will briefly appear and your Offline Address Book will download.

    Note: Detail information about Offline Address Book location could be found in Q31: Where are the offline address book files located?


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    Applies To

    Office 365 Exchange Online post deployment