When an employee leaves the company, his email address still needs to able to receive emails to the replacer.



This article will provide a useful method to this scenario.



Here is the practicable resolution to the issue:

  1. Remove the old email address from the person who left the company and change the UserName
  2. Add the email address to his replacer email address list.

User can do it by using BPOS Admin Center directly. For instance, Ray is the new comer to replace Martin and the domain is test.com. Here are the steps:

  1. Logon BPOS Admin Center
  2. Click Users tab and click User List
  3. Select  Martin and select Edit user properties
  4. Under General Section, change the User name to other name like Martin-Quit
  5. Under Alternate e-mail addresses section, change the Default Email Address to another email address like Martin@test.apac.microsoftonline.com
  6. Remember and Delete the previous Default Email Address (assume it is Martin@test.com)
  7. Select Ray and select Edit user properties
  8. Under Alternate e-mail addresses section, add Martin@test.com as an alternate email address of Ray.
  9. Use an external account to send a test email to Martin@test.com and check whether Ray is able to receive that email
  10. If Ray is able to receive that email, it is safe to delete the Martin account







  • Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard
  • Microsoft Online Services Administration Center