Why are we holding Microsoft’s annual Hosting Summit in Bellevue, WA instead of some more exotic location like Miami, Dubai or Singapore? The answer is simple. Access. My goal of the Summit is to create an environment where hosters can share their thoughts on the hosting industry with Microsoft and each other as well as hear Microsoft’s view of the hosting industry. Having the event in Bellevue gives hosters the maximum amount of access to Microsoft staff ranging from Bob Muglia, president, Server and Tools Business, to product managers in the System Center group responsible for specific features.


If I do my job well, hosters’ view of market trends and realities will penetrate deep into Microsoft and Microsoft’s Cloud strategy will reach deep into the hosting community. In turn this will help all of us evolve our strategies so that we can jointly win in the market.


What you might not realize is that this is an invitation only event for Microsoft employees also. This year, we had to turn down more people from Microsoft than ever before. They all want to learn how to enable the hosting community.  In the five years that I have been participating in this Summit the tone has changed considerably. In the beginning, we struggled for content that was relevant to hosters. It felt more like a one way conversation where hosters told us what they needed and we were only satisfying a small portion of those requests. Today, we have more to share than we can fit in a 2 day conference. And this has all come about because of your feedback and willingness to partner with us.


I look forward to the next two days.


John Zanni, general manager, Worldwide Hosting, Microsoft Communications Sector