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Ship it!

Ship it!

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Woo-hoo!  We did it. Today we are announcing that Windows Home Server has been released to manufacturing (RTM). We have finalized the software and now handing it off to our OEM partners. The evaluation version (with 120 day evaluation period) and the system builder version are also heading into the distribution channels and will be available in the next couple of months. French, German and Spanish versions will be finalized shortly, and OEM products will hit retail shelves this fall.

We're also excited to announce Iomega and Fujitsu-Siemens Computers (FSC) as new OEMs planning to ship Windows Home Server products later this year. 

Here's the toast I gave to the team at our RTM ship party last Friday night.

It started with a vision that an always available device on the home network was an essential ingredient of a Microsoft platform for the home. At first there was only one of us, then three, then five... We put together a plan for a plan and executed. The result was an ambitious, yet pragmatic product plan that would deliver real value to consumers. We formed a team of extremely passionate, diverse, and hard working people. Some will say we had great luck but we know the best luck of all is the luck you make for yourself. We had a spirit of getting it done, no matter what. We broke some rules but never any laws. A community of highly enthusiastic customers rose around us. We made them part of the development process and rewarded them and they amplified our efforts.  We made some mistakes…and corrected them. We took a few risks…and they paid off.  In April 2005 we said we’d ship V1 in the first half of 2007. It wasn’t always easy and it wasn’t always fun, but we said what we were going to do and then we did it. You know what they say…the fourth time’s a charm.†  Congratulations and thanks for helping ship the coolest version of Windows ever: Windows Home Server.

The party was a blast and I'm glad to say everyone got home safely :-).

This has been an exciting and rewarding journey for me and the team.† For me it's been a labor of love for over 8 years. The “Quattro” project began in February 2004 and we became a product group in April 2005. As you can imagine, I am extremely gratified that we have built a great V1 product on time and on budget.

There's more to come! The partner community is blossoming.  We now have six OEMs on board, including Fujitsu-Siemens, Gateway, HP, Iomega, Lacie and Medion. The ISV support and software Add-ins keep rolling in, and the Code2Fame contest should drive even more cool 3rd party products.

Lastly, I'd like to extend a Big tip-of-the-hat to the enormous passion and contributions from our beta testers and community. 100,000+ participants, high volume of forum discussions, 1 million+ views/month on this blog, etc. all attest to the fact that Windows Home Server addresses a big need out there. The right product at the right time!

Now for a little time off...

-Charlie Kindel, GM, Windows Home Server

† I wrote my first thought paper about a Microsoft home server product in 1999 and Windows Home Server is my fourth project to build one.  The first "effort" resulted in not much more than a PowerPoint presentation and my managers saying "Charlie, this is interesting, but you really need to focus on your real job."  The second effort was actually a series of incubations focused on home automation and family applications (codenamed "Bedrock"). We actually showed off Bedrock (and the "Bbox") at CES in 2000. Alas, we were way ahead of our time and truth be told, while our user experience was brilliant and our technology was great, we couldn't actually spell the word "business". The group that built Bedrock merged with another team and we became "eHome".  I consider my deep involvement with Media Center Edition (and Media Center Extenders) my 3rd effort regarding home servers.

This explains "Quattro": When I was given the opportunity to focus full time on another incubation project for a home server I had to give it a cool codename (I've always enjoyed the codename game; its' not an accident that all of the original Media Center codenames are skiing related).  Quattro means "4".

When we transitioned from being an incubation project to having an actual product plan we needed a different codename. The letter “Q” was convenient, simple, and seemed cool.   Windows Server Code Name “Q” is now officially Windows Home Server.

  • Likely you've already seen this elsewhere, but if not, WHS has RTMed!

  • Ship it! Woo-hoo! We did it. Today we are announcing that Windows Home Server has been released...

  • [... Windows Home Server has gone RTM, as of last Friday the team went for a celebration after a couple of years of hard work... congrats boyz!

    For more info Charlie Kindel, General Manager for this group, has a thoughtful post in the groups blog plus given some background information at the history of this product and his role through his life @ Microsoft since '99 ...] ping back from

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  • There was not such a great buzz about this edition (at least not here in Belgium) but nevertheless it

  • Congrats and thanks to WHS Team!  Enjoy your well deserved time off.

  • Ship it! Woo-hoo! We did it. Today we are announcing that Windows Home Server has been released to manufacturing

  • It's been a real pleasure to test this - thanks for a great time and a great product.

  • קול ישראל מרדמונד ;-) שלום רב, השעה 23:41 (בחיים לא תשמעו מהדורה בשעה הזו ;-) ), הנה החדשות מפי נתנאל

  • I have been beta testing Windows Home Server for a while now, and even though the second release would never install correctly I am really excited to see that that WHS has been released to manufacture. I am going to purchase...

  • A massive congratulation to the whole team!

  • ... Woohoo!!! It would've been nice

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  • Microsoft says its Windows Home Server software has been released to manufacturing. Iomega and Fujitsu

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    Great Job guys, i look forward to using and promoting the use of Windows Home Server

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