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The Broadband Conundrum

The Broadband Conundrum

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I have always wondered what it was (is) like to be one of the last ones to get access to electricity or to be able to have a telephone line at your house.  I own a piece of property that got access to electricity in 1940, telephone lines didn't come until after World War II.  Today, the best dial-up connection that I ever get is 40 kbps, and the only way to get broadband (aka "a high speed internet connection") is to sign up for satellite service - which is a little too expensive for my tastes.  A "wired" broadband connection is only 3 miles away, but it seems like a long 3 miles as it may be years before that trunk line gets extended to my house.

Broadband access and capabilities differ from neighborhood to neighborhood, city to city, county to county, and state to state in the United States.  More often than not, it is the rural communities that are the last to gain access to these "wired" innovations.  The speeds and availability of broadband also greatly differs from country to country.  South Korea is the "most connected" country in the world with 70-80% of the households have a broadband connection.   

To help understand all of the differences, perhaps you could respond to these questions as a comment to the blog:

  1. What country do you live in? 
  2. Do you have mutliple options for broadband service? 
  3. What type of broadband service do you have?  
  4. What are the download / upload speeds?
  5. How much do you pay per month?  Is it a flat fee or a variable fee (based on usage)?



  • 1.  The United States

    2.  Yes

    3.  Verizon FiOS (Fiber Optic)

    4.  5mb down / 2mb up

    5.  Flat fee - $34.95 /mo.

  • 1. India

    2. Yes

    3. Cable Internet

    4. 64 Kb/sec up/down

    5. Flat fee Rs. 400 ($11) per month

  • 1. India

    2. Yes

    3. ADSL

    4. 128 kbps u/d during day. 256 kbps u/d during night (10 pm to 6 am). Unlimited bandwidth.

    5. Flat fee of INR 780 per month (around USD 18). Includes ADSL modem rental (INR 90). I should probably buy one myself.

  • 1. USA

    2. Yes (Fiber, Qwest, Comcast, Dial-up, other broadband companies)

    3. Fiber

    4. 15 Mbps DOWN / 15 Mbps UP (yes, that's fifteen megabits both ways)

    5. $73.99 <- includes taxes (Internet and phone bundle)

  • Oh yeah...that $73.99 is unlimited/flat rate.

  • 1. Australia

    2. Yes, ADSL 1, ADSL2, Satellite, or wireless internet

    3. ADSL1

    4. 512/256

    5. $60

  • 1.) Australia

    2.) Yes (Cable, xDSL, DSL2, Sattelite, Dialup, Wireless, HSDPA)

    3.) Cable

    4.) 21mbit down/ 256k Upload

    5.) $54.95 (It is meant to be 129,95, but with bundling and contracts it is cheaper)

    At the moment Telstra are trying to start a huge project and bring FTTN here in Australia but our lowsy government are being the 'tin-foil hat' type.See here:

  • 1. Canada

    2. Two choices, Shaw Cable and Telus ADSL

    3. Shaw Cable

    4. 4421 kbps down; 473 kbps up

    5. $42.95 (unlimited flat rate)

  • 1. USA

    2. Yes, if I believe my phone company's sales team. In reality, with a 29,000' local loop for "dsl", no. I only have one option.

    3. Cable modem.

    4. Cable company says 6Mbps down, ~400 kbps up. The best I've ever seen is about 3 Mbps down and 200 kbps up.

    5. I'd have to break it out of my cable bill for an exact number, but around $45/mo.

  • What country do you live in?:

    --Great Britain

    Do you have mutliple options for broadband service?:

    --Nope, just ADSL over the telphone (cable stops 9 miles away)

    What type of broadband service do you have?:


    What are the download / upload speeds?:

    --6mb down, 400kbps up (8up/400down advertised)

    How much do you pay per month?  Is it a flat fee or a variable fee (based on usage)?:

    --Flat fee, £24.99 ($50) [unlimited flat rate, would be cheaper if I stopped downloading all the time!]

  • 1. USA

    2. yes, cable, Fios, dsl

    3. cable

    4. 15 mb download - 2 mb upload

    5. $45 - flat fee

  • 1. USA

    2. Yes, Cable or DSL

    3. Cable

    4. 3.5MB down/400kps up (advertised is something like 7down/1up... liars)

    5. Flat $42.95 + $5 Cable modem rental

  • 1. Germany

    2. Yes (Cable, ADSL, VDSL=ADSL2)

    3. ADSL

    4. 6029 kBit/s down / 580 kBit/s up

    5. EUR59.95 (data + nationwide phone flat rate)

  • 1. UK

    2. No. Although I live in the centre of town it's apparently not economically viable to install cable in my road

    3. ADSL

    4. 8MB down 448K up as advertised - router repots 7616k down

    5. £24.99 p/m flat fee unlimited (approx $50)

  •   1. What country do you live in?

    Wellington, New Zealand

      2. Do you have mutliple options for broadband service?

    Yes - Cable, DSL, wireless (WiMax), Sat

    Other cities: DSL, Sat (Sat is REALLY expensive)

    Outside of cities: DSL, Sat or nothing

      3. What type of broadband service do you have?  


    4. What are the download / upload speeds?


     5. How much do you pay per month?

    $130 NZ/month.

     Is it a flat fee or a variable fee (based on usage)?

    Usage based - 80GB/month. over that is $5/10GB.

    Most of NZ is on DSL - like around 90%. DSL is usually full rate/full rate (around 4-8meg/512k-768k), tho a lot is still full rate / 128k.

    "No data cap" options are available, but they are "managed", so the speed is total cr@p. p2p/bittrrent is throttled to around 10k/s.

    With a data cap,the speed is better (good luck getting full speed tho), but you pay if you go over your cap. Most people have a 5-10GB cap.

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