Heroes Happen Here {Comic Series}

Brought to you by Microsoft and Seagate

hhh comic series - week 19 day 7

hhh comic series - week 19 day 7

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Go behind the scenes with Seagate! This week Emil is concerned about more than viruses – he’s worried about his IT hero legacy. Read Emil's email.

Brought to you by Microsoft and Seagate.  Explore the ultimate action adventure from Seagate........starring you as the hero. Do you have a story idea? Submit it {here}.

  • Better take my TRS-80 off the network then!

  • *ALL* of them? Isn't that just a tad bit ubelievable? I mean, c'mon... even Geoworks? Couldn't she have just said "Most of them".


    For every chip architecture? MIPS, SPARCs, Alphas, et. al.?


    As if.

    P.S. I wonder what is running on the launch computers that she supposedly infected.

    P.S.S. I still miss Geoworks.

  • Maybe she wrote it in Java and by "all" she means all OSes with a JVM available? That at least covers majority of the popular ones... though I can't speak for more scientific hardware such as launch computers.

  • Well she did say she was really really bored

  • I have to admit, I didn't consider the TRS-80 when writing this, but it's true.  Those are a huge threat to teh interwebs and almost as dangerous as my old Commodore VIC-20.

  • @Chris: Include lines like that into the actual comic! That was pretty good. You *know* Steve would say "teh interwebs". Emil would probably reference his TRS-80 and VIC-20.

  • @OCD:  Thanks for the suggestion.  You'll be seeing more of this in the coming weeks.  Steve plays a MUCH bigger role in the current story so hope you like what we're doing with him.  He's my personal favorite character.

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