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Hey, Scripting Guy! Question

Hey, Scripting Guy! Why does today's article title sound so familiar? I do want to know how to search Active Directory, but I'm experiencing some deja vu here.

- RR

SpacerHey, Scripting Guy! Answer

Hi RR,

Scripting Guy Craig Liebendorfer here. The rough part about getting older is that part about getting older. Ed Wilson and I are working through some "age-induced health 'opportunities'" this week. We really really really do not like to rerun content, but when you've got IVs jammed into your hands and crochet hook looking ear scrapers sticking out of your ear, you rerun content. We're human. All too human. (Quick-Hits Friday this week is all new! And next week's content will also be new and feature guest writers.)

Without further ado, we send you to this March 16, 2009, Hey, Scripting Guy! post: 

Hey, Scripting Guy! How Do I Search Active Directory?