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Welcome to "The HD DVD Insiders"

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Welcome to “The HD DVD Insiders,” Microsoft’s new HD DVD blog. This is our forum for our passionate employees to talk  about the format, our VC-1 codec, and what we’re doing to provide consumers with the world’s best HD content.

Microsoft is involved with HD DVD in many ways, all of which we’ll discuss here. The two big areas  we contribute technology for are VC-1, the codec used in many HD titles, and HDiTM, Microsoft’s implementation of the advanced interactivity specification for HD DVD.

  • The VC-1 codec is being used to compress the video in the vast majority of HD DVD titles. VC-1 is the SMPTE [421M ]standard based on Microsoft’s Windows Media Video 9 technology. We work with the studios and authoring houses to enable the visually transparent compression quality to the master that’s become a hallmark of HD DVD titles.
  • HDiTM is Microsoft’s implementation of the HD DVD advanced interactivity layer. HDiTM provides the  interactive menus, picture-in-picture commentaries, in movie experience and other features that make HD DVD not just better video and audio than DVD, but  a more compelling and immersive experience.
  • Microsoft announced the Xbox 360 HD DVD Player will be available this holiday. As we get closer to launch, we’ll discuss the product, its development, and the consumer experience here.

One of our secret weapons is that many of the people working on HD DVD were passionate home theater enthusiasts long before HD DVD was born. So we spend our days focused on providing the spectacular home theater experience that we also want for ourselves in the evening.

We hope this blog will help us pull the veil back a little, and give you some insight into the people and stories behind the making of a world class format and exciting content.

-Ben Waggoner

  • Let me be the first to say "Welcome" to you guys.  My primary interest is in the XBox 360 and how HD DVD will integrate with it.  Looking forward to lots of interesting posts!

  • Hi guys!

    Great looking site so far! I'm sure we will find interesting content in the future! We just added a link to your site on our homepage. It would be great if you could do the same. We have a completely dedicated HD DVD website.

  • Is HDi wpf/e?

  • Cool blog.  The 360 HD-DVD will hopefully be under my tree this xmas.  As long as the matrix trilogy and blade 2 make it to this platform, I'm in.

  • As a major HD DVD authorized dealer and supporter I welcome this blog and look forward to learning and participating.

    Best to all,


  • Great idea for a blog. I will give it a mention on the Media Center Show this week

  • What is the deal.  Why arent the HD-DVD offered in full screen, and why dont the widescreen versions fill out a widescreen HD TV instead of showing up in letterbox.  What is the purpose in having a widescreen HD-LCD if the manufacturers dont plan on supportuing it.  I have the XBOX HD-DVD and I am getting sick of buying HD-movies in  WIdescreen letterbox.  I dont care about missing little peices of the side action.  I want to make full use of my television.  This is a real pain in the neck.  Please let me know if anyone knows something I dont know.

  • cool :)
    high quality cd duplication and replication

  • thanks

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