I made some updates to my blog configuration yesterday in the hopes of making it easier to find information about Upcoming Events in the West Region and User Groups in my specific territory of Arizona, New Mexico, Las Vegas, Southern California and Hawaii.

On the left navigation pane, I have added a link to a permanent landing page for Upcoming Events (bottom left of screenshot). I will update the Events page on a regular basis to list events that are pertinent to IT Professionals. I will also notate when I will be speaking at an event whether it is Microsoft led or not.


Upcoming Events Landing Page


In the next day or two, I will also add a link to a landing page that includes a list of all the IT Pro focused User Groups within my territory. For both of these pages, you can get a specific RSS feed – just look in the lower right navigation pane of that page.


I will still make posts when I get information about new TechNet branded events and other large events, but I will update the Upcoming Events Page first (and point to it from my post). As you start looking over these pages and see that I’ve missed something (event or User Group), please let me know so that I can update the information accordingly. Thanks!!

Harold Wong