I have talked to many folks about our Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) offering for a little bit now.  One of the common questions / complaints I received was around custom applications that a customer might have built on SharePoint and now it doesn’t work with BPOS.  Or just that it wasn’t possible to write custom applications for BPOS and hence why BPOS was not a possibility.

During Tech Ed this year, I had a chance to speak with Datta and Sanjay of Sonata Software out of India who had done just that – wrote a custom application that works with BPOS!!  I took the opportunity to chat with them on video about their solution and what it entailed.  Understand that this is a 6 minute video interview so it does not get into all the technical details, but does give an idea of how much effort was required and how difficult / easy it was.

As with all my videos, I rendered this one at a high bitrate so the file is a bit large.  You can also download a smaller version (lower bitrate) from the Edge posting.




Edge link: http://edge.technet.com/Media/Custom-application-for-BPOS-from-Sonata-Interview-from-Tech-Ed-2009/

Harold Wong