It must be monsoon season here in Phoenix.  I wasn't paying attention as I was sitting here in my Kitchenette doing some work, but then I noticed a huge bright light.  That was a huge streak of Lightening!!  I looked outside in the backyard and noticed it was raining.  No, change that, it was pouring like crazy!!  My family and I decided to walk around the house (inside) and see how the rain water ran off our roof.  (In case you are wondering, we did end up buying a new house).  I looked outside in the courtyard and saw that it was completely flooded and decided to take a few pictures just to share so you can see it really does rain here in Phoenix.  I took these photos from my front door looking out into the courtyard.


This is courtyard that leads from the driveway to the front door.  If you look at the picture that shows the window, you'll see an entry way that connects the front area (driveway) to the courtyard.  That is totally flooded!!!  I just took another peek to see how it is now (about 10 minutes since I took these two photos) and now the sidewalk leading to the front door is completely under water.

Harold Wong