I've received some emails from folks asking if I'm still alive since I haven't posted to my blog in quite some time.  I just wanted to let those who follow my blog that I am indeed still here and not dead!  :-)

I was travelling quite a bit in December and then I took a bunch of vacation time so I wouldn't lose it (made my wife a promise not to do that this year).  I also promised my wife that I wouldn't be on email and doing work while on vacation.  Blog posting fell into that bucket according to my wife and kids so I was denied access to my blog site until yesterday.

As I get caught back up with the back log of emails (over 1500), I will get back into the groove of posting on a regular basis.  I will say that I'm surprised how many people were working from December 18 - January 2 as I received a BOAT LOAD of emails during that time frame!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year with their families and friends!!!!

Harold Wong