I've had folks ask me about backup solutions for Exchange Server 2007 and which vendors have an agent / version that is compatible with Exchange Server 2007.  Evidently people are having difficulty finding valid backup solutions for Exchange 2007 so I thought I would look into it.  Before I get carried away with this post, I just want to point out that NTBackup will definitely work.  :-) 

As for 3rd party backup vendors, I decided to do a little website snooping to see what was out there.  I found out that there are quite a few products on the market that advertises support for Exchange Server 2007.  Since there are so many different Backup products on the market, I don't feel comfortable listing them here as I'm sure I'll leave off one or more and will get hate emails or postings informing me that I'm a complete moron as I totally left "Product X" off my list.

Instead, I've decided to see how many people actually do read my blog that has implemented Exchange Server 2007 and has a backup solution in place.  This will also help all those out there who have asked me this question or who are looking for a good backup solution for their planned Exchange Server 2007 installation.  Why don't we have folks add comments to this blog with the backup product they use.  Please include the company name, product name and version number.  Here's an example:
Company Name: Microsoft
Product Name: Harold's Awesome Exchange Backup Program
Version Number: 9.0.1

Thanks and let's get lots of participation!!!

Harold Wong