I want to give an update on the TechNet Events that I will be delivering in August.  In an earlier post (http://blogs.technet.com/haroldwong/archive/2007/06/01/upcoming-technet-events-in-august-for-desert-mountain.aspx), I had listed 4 cities (Albuquerque, Phoenix, Boulder and Denver) that I would be delivering TechNet Events in based on the tentative schedule I had at the time.  Unfortunately, that schedule is not what has been finalized.

For the month of August, I will only be visiting Boulder (8/21) and Denver (8/23) but no Albuquerque or Phoenix.  Believe me, this was not what I wanted to have happen.  I could go into all the reasons as to why Phoenix and Albuquerque got cut from the list, but I will spare you from that.

Since I live in Phoenix, there would be no costs associated with me actually delivering the content for folks in Phoenix who are interested in attending.  If (and I emphasize IF) I can get this put together, there are a couple of things that will be different than a "normal" TechNet Event.
   1. I would not be able to provide refreshments / snacks
   2. I doubt that I'll be able to hold it in a theater (that takes money)
   3. I would have little to no giveaways / raffle items
   4. The Event would most likely take place in the Phoenix office
      A. Capacity would be between 125 (somewhat comfortably) - 150 (not so comfortable)
      B. Parking in the garage is $1 / half hour (max of $12 / day) and I won't be able to cover that
      C. I can probably provide fresh brewed coffee and water, but that's it
      D. No pens or pads of paper

Here's my question to you.  Who wants to attend an ad-hoc TechNet Event in Phoenix during the month of August?  If I do this, I need at least 100 people to attend to really make this happen.  Also, if I do this in the morning for TechNet, would it make sense to also hold an ad-hoc MSDN event in the afternoon?  I would have to talk to Rob Bagby about that before I can commit to pursuing that avenue. 

Let's also take this line of thinking one step further.  If it comes down to having an event with only coffee and water or not having an event at all, which would you choose?  Is it really that important to have muffins and bagels or popcorn and soda?  Or for that matter, a bunch of free raffle items?

Either way, let me know either via email or via comments to this post.  If you decide to email me, please, please, PLEASE use the following subject: "Phoenix TN Event in August 2007".  I look to hear from you.