The Labcasts don't generate as many questions as the Webcasts themselves do, but I still do get a few questions.  I am posting the few that came in during Part 3 of the 8 Part Labcast Series.

Harold Wong

Exchange Server 2007 Labcast Series (Part 3 of 8) Questions and Answers Log (02-19-07)

Question: Thanks! Do you know of a way to journal messages to a MOSS 2007 website?

Answer: You need to create an email lifecycle document library (can't remember the exact term) and create an email alias for it. Then from Exchange, you can select the email address of the MOSS site to journal to.

Question: Does Ex2007 Standard Edition include Messaging Records Management Policies?

Answer: Yes, it does. However, I believe the functionality requires the Exchange Enterprise CAL from a client perspective.

Question: what's the difference between a dynamic distribution group and a non-dynamic distribution group?

Answer: Dynamic DG means membership is based on a query that updates dynamically.  A non-dynamic DG is static.  You place members in and the membership never updates unless you do so manually.