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Exchange Server 2007 Labcast Series (Part 1 of 8) Questions and Answers Log (02-02-07)

Exchange Server 2007 Labcast Series (Part 1 of 8) Questions and Answers Log (02-02-07)

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I'm doing my best to get caught up with all the Q&A Logs from the Webcasts and Labcasts.  Here is the Q&A Log from the first labcast back on February 2nd.

Harold Wong

Exchange Server 2007 Labcast Series (Part 1 of 8) Questions and Answers Log (02-02-07)

Question: Lab seems to be using Beta 2. Is that correct??

Answer: Yes, we are still upgrading the labs :( RTM will be available shortly.

Question: Can Exchange Server 2007 Edge and ISA Server2006 be installed on the same server? And does ISA 2006 come in 64 bit? Thanks.

Answer: No. They cannot be installed on the same server. Also, ISA 2006 is not available in 64 bit.

Question: is exchange officially released?

Answer: Yes. Exchange Server 2007 Released To Manufacturing (RTM) on December 8th.  It is available for purchase.

Question: is this part of a particular MOC Kit? I am a MCT and would like to know if it is part of a specific MOC

Answer: Unfortunately not at this time.

Question: Is there any issue if some DC is W2K3 SP1 and others are R2 when Ex2007 is installed? : Is there any issue if some DC is W2K3 SP1 and others are R2 when Ex2007 is installed?

Answer: You can have a mix of Windows 2003 SP1 and 2003 R2 DC's. The requirement is that you have your Schema Master at Windows Server 2003 SP1 (or higher) and at least one DC / GC in every domain (that will host Exchange 2007 or recipients) with Windows Server 2003 SP1 (or higher).

Question: What are the drawbacks to installing E2007 on the Domain server?

Answer: Performance and security. Although it can be done, we recommend that you Install Exchange Server onto a separate physical machine. With that said, I know plenty of Small Businesses that do this since they only have one server.

Question: What is the recommended configuration for installing E07?

Answer: For hardware, the requirements can be found here: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/exchange/2007/plan/hardware.mspx.

Question: On the Sharepoint Technet page they have word documents you can printout which is like a book. 900 pages. Will Exchange technet page have something similar that we can download and print out? Thank you in advance. :-)- Juan Giusti www.AppliedIS.com

Answer: That I'm not sure about.  I can provide that feedback and we’ll see what happens.

Question: Any new version of OAB in e2k7?

Answer: Yes.  It also functions differently for Outlook 2007 clients as it is not stored in the Public Folders anymore by default.

Question: are each roles going to be explained as to what they do?

Answer: I have already done that in the last two webcasts. You can also find information on that here: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/exchange/default.mspx?wt.svl=TNlink.  Click on each of the four roles to get more information on each of them.

Question: Would it be Ok to install the Unified Messaging Server on the same server as the Hub and Mailbox role server? Also, is it a good idea to install Unified Messaging even if you dont intend to use it right away?

Answer: Absolutely you can install it on the same server. Just make sure you plan accordingly for performance. Personally, I would wait until I get ready to use UM before installing it.

Question: in the real life should i have 64x machine to install and run ex2007

Answer: Yes!!! We only support x64 hardware for Exchange 2007 in Production environments.

Question: can you move the mailbox stores around on the fly while they are still mounted and people are accessing them?

Answer: If you are referring to moving a mailbox, you can. But then the user will experience an error as their mailbox is being moved and it will be inaccessible during the move. As I say, "You can jump off a cliff (with no parachute), but why??"

Question: yesterday some one was talking about EX2007 and storage is that mean you reccomend HP hardware to be my EX2007 ???

Answer: You can use whatever hardware vendor you choose for your servers so long as you select a server that meets the requirements for processor and memory. For storage, the same thing applies.

Question: Will user administration be integrated with AD in 07 or will everything have to be done seperatly from the New User Account creation?

Answer: User Administration is done via Active Directory Users and Computers while Exchange 2007 server and recipient administration is done via Exchange Management Console or Exchange Management Shell.

Question: is it possible to change the roles afterwards without first de-installing EX2007?

Answer: Absolutely!!! With the RTM version of Exchange Server 2007, you can do this by running the GUI setup and it will go into maintenance mode. Or you can use setup.com /mode:install to install additional roles or setup.com /mode:uninstall to uninstall unwanted roles.

Question: How do you bring up that exch cmd console.

Answer: Start, All Programs, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Exchange Management Console (GUI) : Exchange Management Shell (Command).

Question: Does the new E2K7 changes the Parent Distribution Name value of OAB in existing ORG?

Answer: When integrating with an existing Exchange 2000 / 2003 organization, Exchange 2007 does not arbitrarily change values such as this.

Question: Can i send meeting request to a DL with outlook2k7?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Can you access file servers through OWA 2007 Documents?

Answer: Yes, if you configure that access to be allowed on the Exchange Server.

Question: What is the difference between an IMF and edge transport?

Answer: IMF is the Intelligent Message Filter (SPAM). Edge Transport is a Server role that happens to run the IMF.

Question: For Conference Room mailbox, do we still need a local mail profile to access it?

Answer: No.

Question: Is the concept of hard repair (eseutil /p /d isinteg ) is completely removed in E2K7?

Answer: eseutil is still around. You run it from the Exchange Management Shell.

Question: what means the abbreviation jrs for the 'log-reserve-files'?

Answer: The only answer I could get on this is that these are the reserve log files in case the drive runs out of space.  However, I could not find out if the three letter acronym actually stands for anything.  Perhaps it is Jet Reserve Files.

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