We had a great TechNet Event in Las Vegas on March 23, 2006! 

I had 4 questions come up during the Event that I did not have answers to:

1. The Domain based DFS has a recommended maximum folders of 5000 while a standalone DFS has a recommended maximum folders of 50,000.  Why the huge difference between the two types of DFS?

2. How many folder paths are allowed for a given DFS Share Folder?

3. Can DFS be used in a non-Active Directory environment?

4. Is the Malicious Software Removal Tool available for deployment via WSUS?

Unfortuantely, I have not had a chance to research these yet, but will work on it this week.  I was able to verify Question 4 is a definite "Yes".

I gave a quiz question during my Event and askef for people to respond to get a prize.  The winner was Brad (beat the second person to respond by 2 minutes).

Harold Wong