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March, 2006

  • TechNet Event in Phoenix on March 21st, 2006

    We had a great TechNet Event in Phoenix this past week on March 21st. Unfortnately, we had TechNet DVDs to hand out to any of the attendees as we were given the wrong box of DVDs. We ended up having a bunch of DVDs from the Best of Launch Events from...
  • T-Mobile Offers Free Hot Spot Access on Weekends!

    I just found out that T-Mobile is having a great promotion for FREE Hot Spot access on weekends for existing T-Mobile customers! Here's the link on how to take advantage of this: http://hotspot.t-mobile.com/freeweekends/ . I'm pretty sure this is only...
  • Vista Voice Recognition Podcast by my Team Mate, Chris Henley

    I'm excited that my team mate, Chris Henley, did a GREAT podcast on the voice recognition capabilities of Vista. I'm also bummed that he thought of it before me - :-). Please visit his blog and listen to the podcast . Harold Wong
  • Exchange 12 and 64 Bit Podcast with Terry Myerson

    Terry Myerson, General Manager of Exchange, was kind enough to record a podcast on some of the reasons we chose to go 64 Bit only in Exchange 12. Terry just posted on the Exchange Blog regarding the availability of the podcast. Go check it out and listen...