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Group Product Manager for Microsoft Exchange Partner Marketing team, Technologist, Gadget Geek, and Seattle Sounders FC fan(atic).

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    The recently disclosed HP E5000 Messaging System for Exchange Server 2010 (or, as we call it around the hallowed hallways of building 31: “The E5000”) is one of the really cool projects my team gets to work on this year. Taking the best of what our two companies do–delivering the hardware and software...
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    A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to present the Exchange Server session at the latest Redmond edition of Microsoft Partner 101 . Since I had only 30 minutes to speak on a number of potential topics around the Exchange business, I decided to prioritized my pitch to cover the considerable partner...
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    No surprise, right? You’re probably saying, “Yeah, Ian. I get it. Exchange 2010 is a solid release and customers are clamoring for it , like you’ve mentioned many times before.” Okay, fair point. And, following all of the energy coming out of this year’s edition of WPC around killer products you can...