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GuillaumeD's blog

Thoughts about Windows deployments and Windows core platform technologies.

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    For those trying Windows Server 2008 as a Server Core server, it could be useful to know which command line tools are available and how to use them. It will be unfair to not use this edition of Windows Server because you missed this information ! So here they are : Windows Server 2008 Command...
  • Blog Post: My working environment - Part 1

    As products evolve, I want to use as much as possible the new technologies I have to support. To reach this goal I decided to build an environment respecting Microsoft security policies but enough flexible to host quickly and easily all kind of products and most of all : provide tools to troubleshoot...
  • Blog Post: My working environment - Part 2

    Second post on this subject. This time I will deal with the technical steps involved to build my environment. Machines setup Server Core configuration I will not describe all the steps involved but I will give the commands I used on my Server Core servers to set the general settings of a server when...