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  • Blog Post: WMI Filter Friday

    It’s Friday and it’s sunny in my neighborhood, which means it is blog posting time! Let’s talk about WMI filters today, shall we? If I have WMI Filters and Group Policy Preferences targeting, do they cancel out? Does one have precedence? Will the world explode? My answers are: No, Yes, and Maybe someday...
  • Blog Post: Configuring a Power Plan with Group Policy Preferences (by Alan Burchill)

    Alan and I had a great time presenting about Group Policy Preferences at TechEd Australia a few weeks ago. He did a quick demo in our session about configuring Power Schemes; here's the breakdown in more detail. He captures the idea of targeting power plans to be sensitive to the time of day, so you...
  • Blog Post: Managing Power with Group Policy Preferences: TechEd Online Video

    We've mentioned managing power a couple times here on the blog, including a brief introduction and a detailed step-by-step walk through by Alan Burchill (shows how to configure power options that consider Business Hours vs . Off Hours using Group Policy Preferences targeting). Here's a high level discussion...