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  • Blog Post: Group Policy Preferences Not Applying on Some Clients: Client-Side Extension, XMLLite

    Group Policy Preferences quick tip: To ensure that preferences are applied to clients, make sure that clients have the CSEs and XMLLite installed If you’re like us, you’re seriously excited about Group Policy Preferences. You’re excited because you can’t wait to save yourself scripting time, and to...
  • Blog Post: Set a registry key value from the command line using Group Policy PowerShell cmdlets

    The scene: You want to set a registry key of a 3rd party application but you don’t want to write a custom ADMX file just to be able to configure it. Or you have some registry keys you set in logon scripts and you want to use the update interval of Group Policy to make sure that value sticks. Or you want...
  • Blog Post: GP Preferences Will Reduce Logon Scripts : Mapping Drives

    Too often, I ask if people are familiar with GP Preferences and get a blank stare. I will say this over and over again: GP Preferences will dramatically reduce your logon scripts GP Preferences has clean, easy-to-use reporting and UI Lots of things get accomplished in scripts (mapped drives...